Mr. Puigdemont will stay in Germany

finally the Schleswig Higher Administration Court decided to give him back his freedom, but under obligations. An extradition warrant was enacted, but was suspended by paying bond money. Thus, the Catalonian issue has become a German problem, it will be interesting, how the authorities and politicians will handle it.


The British Russian Crisis

after Mr. Sergej Skripal has been poisoned probably by Novitchok, a poison to have been produced in the Former Soviet Union, many Russian diplomats have been expelled by many countries, and Russia has done the same with Western diplomats. Despite the fact, that no proof, that Russia is responsible, has been presented by the British government, the government had to act, since there have been other poison attacks like Mr. Alexander Litvinienko on Britains territory in 2006. The Kremlin says, it has nothing to do with this all, I do not find this very convincing. It will be interesting to see, what kind of proof the British government will be able to present, and what reaction it can show.

The Syria Crisis

The Western Atomic Powers US, UK and France decided to launch rockets
against the Syrian regime. They are convinced, that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against civilians. There have been no real proofs, and - if one thinks about the Iraq war and the claim, that Saddam Hussein should have mass destruction weapons - one can not be really sure, who is really responsible.
Personally I do not see chances for a diplomatic solution. Despite the fact, that the West has written off Mr. Assad, I think, there will be a military solution. Backed both by Russia and Iran, the Mr. Assad has chances to win this war, in my opinon,