Visits of foreign countries

1986   St. Petersburg (former Leningrad) and Moscow as an exchange student of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD.


1991   Moskau und Alma Ata (Kazachstan) participating as a trainer
          in seminars on economics.


1996   Kiew und Simferopol in Crimea for the  OSCE to Ukraine.


2008   Bengalore in Indien as IT expert: 2 weeks.


2009   Puna in India as IT expert: one week.

2017   Warsaw for 2 days taking part in an international meeting.

2018  Warsaw for one week as part of a short term job rotation program.

Travelling as a tourist

As a tourist I have been to Belgium twice or three times for many years.
Andalusia in Spain has been seen, too, as well as some of the Canaric Islands. 

In November 2017 I travelled to Madeira in Portugal, above you will find some photos. Madeira's capital is Funchal with about 120,000 inhabitants, Madeira has about 2.2 millions inhabitants. Funchal has grown very fast in the last years, many new hotels have been built. Many tunnels have made the journey faster to the different parts to the island, you can get quickly everywhere from the airport, which has been built greater, too. 

In December 2017 I travelled to Lancarote, the northern Canarian island.

Lanzarote's capital is Arrecife, the island has about 140,000 inhabitants. Export products are among others both wine and Aloe Vera products. The island has nice points to visit, such as the city of Puerto del Carmen, and the walk along the sea from Puerto del Carmen to Arrecife. The north tour visiting César Manriques living and working house is worth to be made, and the south tour sees good wineries and the relics of the last volcanic eruptions both in 1730 and 1820. Below you will also find some photos. It's a must to visit one of the famous Aloe Vera plants. One could spend Christmas and New Year in the Texas Ranch with many interesting animals to be to admire.